Camping Trailer by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Shares The Elovan Camping Trailer

Hakan Gürsu, the creator of the award winning design Elovan - Camping Trailer by Hakan Gürsu points out, Your own living space, your own amenities and a motor vehicle which has it all, that’s what you call a camper trailer. Elovan solar powered c <Cropped>

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Lab.14 Art Contest

The Competition Provides For The Selection of 12 Finalists Which Will Exhibit Their Works During The Final Exhibition of The Contest, That Will Be Held in Venice, At Imagoars Gallery, in Early 2020. Among Them Will Be Chosen 4 Winners of Assigned Prizes.l

The competition provides for the selection of 12 finalists which will exhibit their works during the final exhibition of the contest, that will be held in venice, at imagoars gallery, in early 2020. among them will be chosen 4 winners of assigned pri <Cropped>

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Playoho-Art Pavilion by Ricci Wong Cheuk-Kin

Ricci Wong Cheuk-Kin Designs The Playoho Art Pavilion

Ricci Wong Cheuk-Kin, the designer of the awarded design Art Pavilion by Ricci Wong Cheuk-Kin says, PLAYOHO Art Pavilion comprises of 28 nos. of circular rings on columns with different materials and characters which moves in wind and cast shadows on <Cropped>

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Nexus Design Integrated by Devesh Pratyay

Devesh Pratyay Illustrates The Nexus Design Integrated Design Consultancy

Devesh Pratyay, the creative mind behind the awarded design Award Winning Nexus Design Integrated Design Consultancy spells out, A space should never allow the eye to settle in one place, it should smile at you and create a fantasy. the eyes should s <Cropped>

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Fashionable by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Fashionable Apartment

The maker of the highlighted project Apartment by Acclaimed Designer explicates, Designer Four Lau and Sam Sum think that “Fashion under the sunrise is more poetic”. We think fashion elements should not be limited to use as clothing only. The sun <Cropped>

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Mountain Hill Chalet-Environmental Interior Design by Irini Papalouka

Irini Papalouka Presents The Mountain Hill Chalet Environmental Interior Design

Irini Papalouka, the maker of the awarded project Award Winning Mountain Hill Chalet Environmental interior Design explains, The concept of this property was to create a space reminiscent of a European chalet. The main focus of the design lay with t <Cropped>

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Ring:megaron Ring by Gulsah Surel Erdem-House of Div

Gulsah Surel Erdem-House of Div Discloses The Megaron Ring Ring

Gulsah Surel Erdem - House of DIV, the architect of the displayed work Megaron Ring - Ring by Gulsah Surel Erdem - House of DIV demonstrates, The Megaron symbol, which is widely accepted to represent the first human dwelling in architectural history, <Cropped>

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The Endless Stay by Tsung-Ju Lu and Wei-Chen Huang

Tsung-Ju Lu and Wei-Chen Huang Demonstrates The The Endless Stay Architecture Design

Tsung-Ju Lu and Wei-Chen Huang, the designer of the award winning project The Endless Stay by Tsung-Ju Lu and Wei-Chen Huang demonstrates, The layers of the building are superimposed, and the vertical dislocation, the angle of thinking of the convers <Cropped>

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Shenzhen Yatai Medical Beauty Clinic by Cm Design

Cm Design Discloses The Shenzhen Yatai Medical Beauty Clinic Medical Beauty Hospital

CM Design, the thinktank behind the awarded work Medical Beauty Hospital by CM Design illustrates, The design team believes that everyone deserves a new beginning, and here will be the place where they can turn their life into a brand new page. There <Cropped>

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Well of Light by Pei-Lin Hsieh

Pei-Lin Hsieh Spotlights The Well of Light Residential

Pei - Lin Hsieh, the project leader of the award winning design Well of Light - Residential by Pei - Lin Hsieh points out, As this project is situated in the enchanting Yang-Ming Mountain, the designer opted to capitalize on its exceptionally ample l <Cropped>

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