Lymed's Lymed Dog Canine Pressure Garment

Lymed Spotlights The Lymed Dog Canine Pressure Garment

Lymed, the thinktank behind the awarded work Canine pressure garment:Lymed Dog by Lymed explains, Lymed Dog medical pressure garments are individually made. Lymed Dog techno-medical garments are constructed with different pressure levels, depending on the application. Products can be used to calm the dog, to treat different neurological disorders and affect the ability to re-focus and self-appease. They are used e.g. in treating sound sensitivity, fears, anxieties and hyperactivity. Products are well suitable for working dogs: they are used to improve concentration capabilities and expedite recovery after performance. They can be used as training tools, too..

Lymed's Lymed Dog Canine Pressure Garment Images:


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